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The Optinova Group is known as the most reputed global supplier of advanced tubing solutions for the Indian medical device market and industrial applications.

Examples of our Fluoropolymers and thermoplastic fluoropolymers materials: ETFE, PVDF , ePTFE, PTFE, FEP, PFAand E-CTFE.

Examples of Elastomers and Thermoplastic polymers in this group:  PA,  PA, EVA, PE, EBA, EMA, POM, PBT, PC, PET, TPE-A (Pebax), TPE-E, TPE-U (PUR), TPE-O, and TPE-S...

Optinova Group is counted amongst the leading global Manufacturers and Suppliers of an advance Industrial & Medical Device Tubing Solutions which are provided to medical device sector and fluoropolymer tubing to challenge industrial applications. Optinova formerly known as Scantube is a Finnish group company with the production base on Aland Islands in Finland, Bangkok in Thailand and Minnesota in the USA. Optinova has a worldwide network thus, we are the most suitable brand for those who are looking for an experienced partner for tubing solutions.

Our medical extrusion solutions are designed keeping in mind thousands of medical devices such as IV Catheter Tubing, mainly for the fields of Cardiovascular, Infusion Therapy and Delivery Device. The industrial extrusion branch of our group is a renowned solution provider catering to the needs of pharmaceutical, food, chemical, electrical and electronic industries.

The biggest strength of our company is the complete knowledge of extrusion and secondary operations we have. Our years of experience allow us to provide customized tubing and extrusion solutions as per the precise requirements of the clients. In-line measurements and controlled automated processes of our company provides a base for achieving highest quality standards and adding additional value in the designing, production and delivery stages which are executed in close collaboration with the clients.

Our Vision & Mission

The mission of our company is to support people around the globe to feel better and achieve tremendous growth in their business with our in depth knowledge about advanced extrusion.

Our vision is to emerge as one of the most recognized and preferred brands the world over when it comes to advanced tubing solutions.

Raw Materials Used

We use a number of superior grade materials to manufacture our products, some of them are as follows:

  • Fluoropolymers and thermoplastic fluoropolymers: One of the best materials for tubing manufacture owing to their high resistance to chemicals, wide temperature range, minimal friction, etc.
  • Thermoplastic polymers and elastomers: These polymers find a variety of applications owing to their properties like elasticity, transparency, chemical resistance, etc. Examples of such polymers include TPE-O and EBA.
By making use of compounding, we are able to enhance the properties of the polymers we use and achieve a consistent quality